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Upgrade to the Advanced Masterclass + Bonuses

Songwriters, it you're tired of playing for free (or next to nothing), making pennies from music streaming, not getting your songs in the hands of well-known artists, and getting your music placed in film or TV feels insanely competitive in the over-saturated music licensing world, then...

Take the next step in launching your own custom songwriting business from home like many of our students have (see our testimonials below)!

The Advanced Masterclass Training ($97 value) includes:

  • How to get others to refer you for custom song orders
  • How & when to offer the 3 upgrades for an extra $3K
  • The Custom Song Creation Interview with your clients
  • Song revision guidelines & secrets
  • Refund policy, payment terms, & song delivery timeline
  • Custom song ownership & rights
  • 7 additional markets for custom songs
  • How to offer a 4th upgrade for an extra $10K per song


Custom Song Cheat Sheet
($29 value) includes:

  • Overview of the 10-step custom song process
  • Visuals and description of each stage

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BONUS #1: The Custom Song Consultation Script ($97 value)

  • This is the exact line-by-line script that Tiamo and his students use to get high-end custom song orders during the free consultation call!
  • Questions are customized for 3 groups: 1) Couples and personal 2) Businesses 3) Speakers and influencers

BONUS #2: Video Training of the Consultation Script ($47 value)

  • Tiamo will guide you step-by-step through the script so you have a clear understanding of how and when to ask questions, when to listen, and when to make the offer in a way that doesn't feel salesy!


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