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Curriculum that includes online and live trainings.


 I’ve tripled my monthly income!

 I’ve tripled my monthly income over the last couple of years since going through your program Tiamo! Thank you for being a stand for artists like me to stop starving and start THRIVING! YOU ROCK!

Krista Richards

I got 5 new custom song clients!

Working with Tiamo has been absolutely life changing for me! His program blew my mind and since starting, I got 5 new custom song clients and made more money from just 1 of those clients than I did the entire previous year with my music business! Plus, I’ve been getting booked for multiple Keynote Concerts!

Steve Pederson

I recently sold 3 of my own custom song packages for $1,500 each for a total of $4,500!

Hey Tiamo! Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you do. I’ve learned a ton from you so far! I recently sold 3 of my own custom song packages for $1,500 each for a total of $4,500! Thank you so much!

Michael Heaton

Your resources and tools are exactly what musicians need in order to succeed

You give such valuable information! I’ve been a singer/songwriter for over 10 years and I’ve come to realize that your resources and tools are exactly what musicians need in order to succeed! Thank you so much for all that you do!”

Mark Bolger

Meet the Team

Tiamo De Vettori

Founder of Musicpreneur Academy
CEO of Be the Dream Unlimited

Tiamo De Vettori, founder of Musicpreneur Academy, has spoken to over 100,000 people on 250+ stages at conferences and seminars, and combines speaking with original live music to deliver “Keynote Concerts”. He has been featured on FOX, CBS, and NBC, was named L.A. Music Award’s “Singer-Songwriter of the Year” and is a two-time #1 best selling published author.

He has appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s stage and has shared the stage with speaker icons Les Brown, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eckker, John Assaraf, and Lisa Nichols to name a few.

Tiamo leads his own multi-6-figure seminars as founder and CEO of Be The Dream Unlimited for aspiring speakers and inspirational artists and creatives from around the world.

Tiamo was featured as a “Coach to Watch” by the Amazing Women and Men of Power Magazine and now leads his own sold out seminars for aspiring speakers and inspirational music artists from around the world.

Don Somerville

Head of Business Development and
Curriculum Licensing

Don has successfully worked with Grammy Award winning artists and songwriters to produce some of the most commercially accessible music of today – with a sound that is world class on every level. As an award winning songwriter, he’s found himself locking pens with the likes of like David Paich (Toto), Bill Champlin (Chicago) and multi-platinum songwriter, David Foster. Don has played keys for and toured with numerous artists over the years – from six time Grammy Winner Russ Taff to high end ABBA tribute acts Bjorn Again and ABBACADABBRA.

As the newly appointed Head of Business Development for the Musicpreneur Academy – the most innovative and explosive company in the sphere of the Music Business and Education world – Don is zealously passionate about showing aspiring musicians that there’s another viable way – outside of the longstanding, traditional realm – to create a sustainable, full-time income and career in music. The “Motivational Musician” presentation and course embody this philosophy and lay out a user friendly path and process that will open doors of opportunity that most musicians are completely unaware of – in the form of the Keynote Concert Experience.

Sandra Winter

Customer Care Concierge

Sandra Winter has worked with Be the Dream Unlimited for over 10 years. As the Customer Care Concierge, Sandra is the backbone of operations and customer support; assisting customers and clients, helping organize our live and virtual events, as well as streamlining communications with customers and clients and assisting our partners.

When she’s not helping our customers and clients, Sandra’s busy using her gifts as an author, coach, singer-songwriter and vibrational healer to empower women dealing with challenging life transitions.

Ashley Ludlow

Creative and Technical Director

Ashley Ludlow is a Musical Keynote Speaker, Custom Songwriter, and Creative Business Strategist. In addition to running her digital media agency, Solmiga, Ashley encourages creative entrepreneurs to see the great value in life and the fantastic role they play in it. She truly believes that anything is possible.

Having 14 years of experience in business, design, and technology, Ashley now enjoys supporting heart-centered business owners to translate the essence of who they are into the digital world. She shares her story on stage through music as she speaks about the value of embracing the inner child and the power of self-worth, self-care, and self-love. When she’s not behind her computer or on stage, you can find her visiting Disney Parks, spending time with family, or both. Ashley has been married for 17 years and has 5 beautiful children.

Josh Holladay

Community Manager

Josh is a motivational speaker, author, and musician. He speaks to groups and organizations to help them realize their potential, to create awareness around the key indicators of results and success, and inspires his listeners to action.

Josh understands what it takes to navigate through mental health challenges. He believes there is power in action, worth in living our purpose, and the only thing we really need to worry about in life is giving to others what we’ve gained for ourselves.

As Community Manager at Musicpreneur Academy, Josh helps motivate students to move through their fears and maximize their learning by empowering them to accomplish their goals within the program.


This has really helped me make great income!

Tiamo is the real deal! He makes it possible for independent musicians to make great money from their music in ways that are truly empowering! What I found really inspiring was the many different types of creative income streams he teaches. This has really helped me make great income! Another shift was simply going to venues where they have bigger budgets and pay a lot more!! I didn’t know how to do that before, but now I do! Thank you Tiamo!

Dimitra Politis

It would have taken years for my music to grow the way it has, instead of 6 months or less!

I can’t believe how much value you give. I’m blown away! I knew your training would have good content, but really, you just outdid yourself. I feel so inspired to make music an even bigger part of my life now! Without your coaching, it would have taken years for my music to grow the way it has, instead of 6 months or less! Much admiration and thanks Tiamo!

Deanna Maio

Thank you for exploring all that Musicpreneur Academy has to offer. For questions, or to find out how to apply for our programs, contact us at support@BeTheDreamUnlimited.com or 760-364-6731.